Picky dating

I don't know if she was playing hard to get, but she acted as if she was freakin hot. I don't want to sound cocky or anything but I am way better than she is physically.

Why did she think she could be picky when she is fat?

After that month (most of my months were much slower in terms of dating), I started to wonder whether or not there was a problem with me.

Most helpful for me in coming to a place of peace in my dating choices was meeting with a spiritual director (a priest, elder or mentor in your faith community would be great for this).

I even went to a counselor once because several people told me I was just too picky with guys.

In fact, there was a certain month in my mid-twenties when there were three guys interested in me, and they were all great guys, but something deep down told me none of them were right for me.

" She went on to note that she finds it hard to believe that someone (me) who is fit, conversant and successful is still single without there being some rudimentary issue with them. We all have from time to time, and let me emphatically state that I find the phrase 'too picky' wrought with more holes than an M. Let's talk about what we're saying when we say that someone is too picky. And, like a pre-2K BSB concert, they are supposed to be fun. One of the things I learned is that women online are very picky.For instance, I have been talking to this girl online for over three weeks.I'm a 23-year-old female who is completely happy with every aspect of her life except the fact that I cannot seem to find a good guy or even a good date. Dear High Expectations, First of all, thank you for writing.I do not seem to be attracted to many of the good guys interested in me, but then other guys seem to be fake and only interested in me for superficial reasons. I appreciate your email for a variety of reasons, mostly because I've been through the same thing myself.