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Building a strong, cohesive culture has been a top priority at my branding consultancy, and I think it’s contributed enormously to our success.

After all, in our business it’s not like we’re relying on special patents or complex machinery.

She’s picked up by her host family and ushered off to their home where she immediately condemns their house to be hideous and their food to be disgusting.

All foreigners have what we call “bad China days,” but those generally stem directly from confrontations; hers basically come from China not looking American enough.

And I told him I wanted everything to sound like it was in the key of blue. She's just still killing it." She's baffled by some of the early reaction to her breakthrough song, "Video Games." "I didn't understand how that arose any kind of feminist commentary, because all I was saying was, ' I'm so happy when you get home, and heaven is a place on earth with you. I had a dream that I was waiting for someone to find me, and in the sky, where the stars were supposed to be, it was an Uber map."People have said different ages," she says with impressive vagueness.The directions she gave to producer Dan Auerbach were pretty abstract: "I would explain things to him in terms of colors and touchstone words," she says.She’s a superficial, conceited, stereotypical prom queen who breaks the nose of a girl who steals her star quarterback boyfriend. Expulsion from high school, and a senior year in China.(Seems like a jump, but I’ve seen stranger.) When Kaitlyn arrives overseas, she first discovers that all social media sites are blocked, because while Facebook and Twitter are her first priorities after landing, reading any news about China is as foreign a concept to her as the language they speak.