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Ludwig and Robb met each other in 2008, when they was filming movie Race to Witch Mountain.

Anna Sophia Robb is currently dating Name Unknown, Anna Sophie Robb.

According to several rumors, Roob and Wood were a couple also in a real life and broke up in early 2014.

As you can see from boyfriend list above, her dating history starts with relationship with young Josh Hutcherson and continues with Alexander Ludwig.

The lifestyle too many of us find ourselves in — besieged by hyper-palatable foods, poor sleep, and too much stress — is not amenable to a simple solution.

Many people try altering their diet and lifestyles each year and the vast majority 'fail.' Again, and again.

Taking a few months to live in the small European city before heading into production, creator/star Aziz Ansari was heavily involved with the casting process per usual, making an effort to portray modern Italian life as it… Vicky Jewson co-wrote and is directing the pic, which kicked off principal photography today and will shoot in the UK and Morocco.

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The Carrie Diaries breakthrough star - who was cast as a young Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex And The City prequel series - claims acting intimate with her co-star Austin Butler is awkward, especially since he's madly in love with his real life girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens and she doesn't feel ready for that kind of commitment just yet.

The indie follows Rami (Abbas), an individual who goes against the taboos within Muslim culture to explore his own sexuality.

James Penfold (in its first season, casting director Cody Beke joined forces with Italian native Teresa Razzauti for Season 2, the first two episodes of which are set in gorgeous Modena, Italy.

Anna Sophia Robb might have one of the most impressive dating records in all of young Hollywood.

Her list of BFs isn’t as long as, say, Kendall Jenner‘s — although most of Kendall’s “relationships” are just unconfirmed rumors — but with guys this hot, quality is wayyyy over quantity.