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Joined by over 60 men, Turner kills around 60 whites and destroys 15 homesteads.

Over 3000 armed whites set out to end the rebellion, killing many innocent blacks along the way.

It is formed because blacks who were praying in the Methodist Episcopal church were pulled up off their knees.

This movie is great for acquainting viewers with the struggles that our beloved prophet suffered through to reestablish the gospel we cherish today. soldier is drafted into WWII and forced to invade the towns of the people that he knows and loves. This movie does have war violence and mild profanity.

As we apply these principles in our Young Men activities, we will strengthen the young men of the Church.

We invite you to study these principles by clicking the link below and to seek guidance in incorporating these principles into your activities.

(Source: Official AME Church history) American Colonization Society Formed At the urging of Charles Fenton Mercer, a Federalist member of the Virginia state assembly, Presbyterian minister Robert Finley helps found the organization that is devoted to bring free blacks from the United States to what would later be Liberia.

Despite being overtly anti-slavery, ACS members were openly racist and frequently argued that free blacks would be unable to assimilate into white society. Church, The American Colonization Society, which is founded by a white Presbyterian clergyman named Robert Finley establishes the black Republic of Liberia in West Africa and begins encouraging emigration of blacks to this new African country.