Piss date lines

There are 180 degrees east of the Prime Meridian and coordinates are sometimes given without the designation of "E" or east.

When this is used, a positive value represents coordinates east of the Prime Meridian.

Here, he claims to have told Meek to not trust his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, who has close ties to the Philadelphia rapper's foe, Drake., Rick Ross throws in his usual "BAWSE" drops and rhymes about his Maybach Music empire but there are several lines worth a rewind.Whether it's his revealing record "Idols Become Rivals" calling out Birdman (which features an assist from Chris Rock) or the sentimental opener "Apple Of My Eye" featuring Raphael Saadiq, the Miami rapper lets his bars speak for themselves.***Click here for a printable 17x11" PDF of our voter guide*** Polls are open 7am-8pm. Look it up here, or call 311, or anyone can vote in City Hall.Or if it's pm and you can't make it to your polling place, find the nearest one and vote provisionally.