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A ton of beautiful and interesting women who are engaged in this dating trend will be big day, you have family can fill the blanks. SO IF YOU THINK I CAN I WANT TO BE YOUR RESCUER AND, THE MAN YOU SEEK THAT WILL BE THERE FOR ETERNITY. Thoughts of passion That come in action With different fashion Consequencing to be the purest To be the best For this quest... What happens at first sight..not an angel sent from above It is perception of such that rises at first sight... Emotions rise and desend Sometimes some people attend Othertimes they are absent Constantly words surge Building that urge To merge...... What happens at first sight..a bewilderment An awe that rises at first sight...has only two sides known There is no middle lanefor emotion A margin like a thread can only remainfor emotionemotion..emotion? I LONG AND SEARCH FOR A WOMAN UNIQUE, SOMEONE NICE&SEXY THAT'S QUICK ON HER FEET. ALL I FOUND WAS A COMPANION TO SHARE MY BED, NOT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON IN MY HEAD. NOW I BLAME MYSELF FOR MY PLIGHT, IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT I DON'T SLEEP AT NIGHT. Love at first sightyes, some may say it's lustthat first glimpse of someonea familiar haunting dreamno, it may not be love but a dreamwho's to say it's not love though?can either have love or hate in lone Raw Just one feeling or thoughtto bring forth the raw emotionunknown originsno questioning where it camenot asking where it goesrelease allow it to flourishjust a thought or a feelingno hate no loveexisting with measurehate consumes emotionlove disturbs the thoughtsubsequent of rawnessbeaten torn downleft exposed raw to all. I NEED AN OPEN SOUL TO HELP ME HEAL AND BECOME WHOLE. Lust to loveeye sight can cause lustbringing that person into a realitygetting to know the heart that's withinlust at sight, learn to lovecan it turn to love or is it lust?