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There were thousands of eyewitness testimonies to these atrocities, including the burning of babies by Turkish gendarmes.

And Trump, as we all know, cares very much about “beautiful babies”.

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But under no circumstances will the President of the United States, I suspect, have the honour to admit that the Armenian Holocaust – and Israelis use this same word in Hebrew for the Armenian genocide, even though their government does not acknowledge it – was a fact of history.

Indeed, it even taught Hitler how to commit the Jewish Holocaust.

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It was in Antioch, after all, that the followers of Jesus were called Christians as we are told in the New Testament, The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch. According to ecclesiastical tradition, the Church of Antioch is the second established church in Christendom after Jerusalem, and the prominence of its Apostolic See is well documented.

In his (I, 2), the church historian Eusebius of Caesarea tells us that St. In another historical work, , Eusebius tells us that Ignatius the Illuminator, a name of note to most men, [was] the second after Peter to the bishopric of Antioch (III, 36).

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