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When parents finally pay up they are also paying the Debt collectors fee so the cost of Education has become for the privileged” said WOZA leader Jenni Williams WOZA leader Magodonga Mahlangu criticised Minister Dokora for failing to pay the child per capita grant since 2013 election period. “Dokora is failing to pay the child per capita grant but then coming with a new curriculum which demands parents buy laptops and smart phones.Something is not logical in all this” Children asked why education a crime in Zimbabwe?The whole tone (both said and unsaid) of the article is both appalling and regrettable to say the least.With an understanding of gender being so key in shaping society, it is my hope that the reporter will work to refine further her lens of analysis if she values being a Gender reporter and editor worthy of the respectable mandate such a designation implies.They even withhold original birth certificates if parents’ don’t pay up.” They force parents to accept payment plans at the threat of debt collectors visiting their homes to repossess property.Debt collectors even interrogate children as to the property in their homes that can be taken.Sibanda had been missing from his work of place on Friday and Monday, only to be found by his colleagues lying naked in his room.He had severe injuries and burns all over his body.

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by a purported Gender Editor runs deep with irresponsible reportage.

By reportage here I refer to both the reporting and analysis of something as serious as Census statistics that requires objective, factual and informed analysis which goes beyond personal prejudice in service to the nation.

Bulawayo – A Zimbabwean man was reportedly found in his rented home, with severe injuries and burns all over his body following a "savage" attack linked to a woman.

According to the state-owned Chronicle newspaper, Mthokozisi Sibanda, 32, who had been missing since Friday last week, later died in hospital before he could name his attackers.