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Here’s Just A Sneak Peek Of The DDA Schedule: Week 1 – James Marshall: Are you direct for life?

The key mindsets to create your jet-set lifestyle, have amazing experiences and date exotic hotties all over the world! ): Direct Daygame 101: The basics of approaching and attracting girls anywhere, anytime.

We use established techniques that are proven to work.

Our packages and courses have something to help everyone Successful dating consultancy is not “a one size fits all” product.

“Israel is a fantastic dating coach and a great listener.

He was able to coach me in a way that suited my own particular issues.

Week 5 – Alan Roger Currie: The real definition of rejection, and how to stop being afraid of it!

She wasn’t studying psychology, sociology, or another subject related to matchmaking.

: Sasha Exclusive Component 1: Specific, Tailored Content That’s Designed To Deliver Success With Women On A Silver Platter Inside your membership area, you’ll get all the best direct dating wisdom over 5 Direct Dating Summits, given to you in an easy-to digest process, so that you run 0% risk of information overload, getting overwhelmed or quitting.

You’ll have me and the other DDS speakers practically holding your hand to succeeding with chicks!

I worked closely with Israel to build a foundation of good practices.

The coaching with him completely changed the first impressions I give off.