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In addition to the island of Taiwan, the Republic of China also governs the tiny Pescadores (Penghu), Quemoy (Kinmen/Jinmen), and Matsu.While the political status of Taiwan is a somewhat controversial and sensitive issue, from a traveler's point of view, Taiwan is under the de facto control of a different government from mainland China, and in practice operates as a separate country.The Royal Opera House – the most established of institutions – is on board in an advisory role and has subsidised a training programme for the directors.The group cites Bertolt Brecht as inspiration, a man whose 1928 Threepenny Opera not only took aim at capitalism but was performed by people recently released from concentration camps; similarly allowing the usually voiceless to tell their own story.Since the 1970s, industry related to electrical engineering and computer science in Taiwan has made a tremendous contribution to both the technological development and the economic growth of this country.

The Sex Workers' Opera, the brainchild of Clouds Haberberg, who is co-founder of the feminist opera company Better Strangers Opera, has been buoyed by the Goldsmiths Annual Fund, supported by the Royal Opera House and funded in part on Kickstarter.

This page does not represent a political endorsement of the claims of either side of the dispute.

Prostitution in Taiwan remains illegal under a 1991 law, but is under active consideration of reform following a Constitutional Court decision that it violated the Constitution.

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