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For some people, phones have become an appendage to their hand. An obsession, or an addiction, hence the crackberry. Another way to demonstrate some sort of prowess, a level of importance.On dates some use phones to show off, others to hide and avoid. I’ve had men on dates explain their calls or texts to me as they indulge in them (like I’m their jealous girlfriend).But you’ll have to wait for the next post for that! While we haven’t specifically addressed this, it is something I’m always concerned about. Conversation flowed fairly easily and we discussed what we might like to do on a second date. Meanwhile, I had made plans to see Dave for the second time on Saturday night.My girls were spending the night at a friend’s and I knew I’d have the night to myself.I’ve decided to take a break from dating for awhile.

What level of phone interaction is reasonable when you are with someone to whom you are romantically inclined?While our Summer wasn’t as great as last years, I still am grateful and am looking forward to Winter.While we (in the Southern Hemisphere) transition into this cooler season, colds and flu’s may arise, and these has been around for millenia, dating right back to the first written record of herbal medicine in 2800 B. In recent times herbal medicine has gained a new momentum in the medical field, as more people turn to herbs for their powerful and natural healing benefits.To celebrate this expansive history of sexual experience, the Wellcome Collection currently has a number of ceremonial sculptures shaped - among other sexual artefacts - as part of its Institute of Sexology exhibition.A 7.8-inch (20cm) long, 1.1-inch (3cm) wide stone object (pictured) was found in the Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm in the Swabian Jura.