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Be a kid again with one of the simplest and most fun childhood games–bobbling balloons.

Keep those balloons up in the air and don’t let them touch the ground. The winner gets to choose a prize and the loser gets to deliver!

My little project doesn’t come close to my college thesis research, but I did find some amazing Korean Drama gems. Note that I have changed the arrangement of this list to “By Year”. Not so much on the love interest side, no big battle, but the best story you will ever find on a drama, a wonderful story (emotional, realistic, and dramatic) with things that will chill and warm you.

Aside from the three main actors, who gave their best to portray their characters, I would also like to express my admiration to Jang Hyun Sung. The actors were all good; they played their characters so well. Honestly, what I first started watching Moorim School, I thought it’s giving me that Harry Potter and Dream High feel.

My name is Noemi, I studied at the Royal drama school in Antwerp, Belgium to become an actor and director.

A teacher once argued with me “You can’t talk with Jews.” A drunk fellow student caught my head during a party under his armpit and rubbed his fist on my nose saying, “your nose doesn’t look that bad for a Jewess.” Writing my first grant application someone genuinely wondered why I was saying I struggled with budgets, “because I was Jewish after all, and the Jews of all people know how to book keep.” A few years later I received my first residency, I was invited to work in a theater in America.

data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="fl-photo-img wp-image-24027 size-medium" src=" alt=" itemprop="image" data-no-lazy="1" height="300" width="300" / Cast of sitcom, Ability " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="fl-photo-img wp-image-23758 size-medium" src=" alt="Cast of sitcom, Ability " itemprop="image" data-no-lazy="1" height="190" width="300" / Smile for Life " data-medium-file=" data-large-file=" class="fl-photo-img wp-image-24435 size-medium" src=" alt="Smile for Life" itemprop="image" data-no-lazy="1" height="200" width="300" / Doing comedy has taken me all over the place and it means that I spend quite a lot of time in hotels.

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My feelings towards the typical romantic comedy are a lot like my feelings toward “Sodas”. Lol Anyway, kidding aside, the drama was really good.(the sarcasm is oozing…) When I was younger I never expected this to be the language of the educated people, the artists, the cultural elite I was studying amongst.Antisemitism was something backward, for people who had never met a Jew and were susceptible to prejudice.If you want something easy to watch, this might be for you.I started watching this out of curiosity, but I end up loving this.