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He remained close to his no-nonsense Roman Catholic dad, a civil servant, who died in August 2001 of cancer.U2 hit Madison Square Garden for the first of eight shows at the New York City landmark on Saturday, July 18, drawing not only a sold-out crowd, but also fellow musicians (Jon Bon Jovi), stars of the film world (filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, actor Ed Burns with wife Christy Turlington), iconoclasts (Harry Belafonte, Salman Rushdie) in addition to extended family and friends. "Date night," is how a source described their attendance.Sunday Bloody Sunday New Year's Day Bad Pride (In The Name Of Love)Where The Streets Have No Name I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For With Or Without You Bullet The Blue Sky Running To Stand Still Red Hill Mining Town In God's Country Trip Through Your Wires One Tree Hill Exit Mothers of the Disappeared I was 7th row in 1987 at Three Rivers Stadium, tickets purchased through my U2 World Sevice membership, cutting my classes at IUP to see the lads on a weekday in Pittsburgh. Last time 2015 in Chicago GA, but elbow room tough for the vertically challenged in yours truly, the better half, and especially my 9 year old. Hi, I'll be at the Pittsburgh concert--so excited--and this will be the first I've done general admission for a U2 concert. For those more experienced--what is the best entrance gate and when does the line start forming???? Saw them when they last played in pittsburgh and cant wait to see them again.‘No ordinary 30 year old record…' Some days Harry Kantas works for Twitter in Dublin, some days he travels the world to watch his favourite band play live. That’s partly because the kind of music that inspired The Joshua Tree is timeless, deeply rooted in the heartland of America, places like Tennessee, in fact.U2 frontman Bono gave a shout-out to Belafonte and Rushdie, one of several moments during the show when he addressed the crowd to recount his own memories of playing New York's The Ritz as a young punk band in the '80s and of his mother, Iris, to whom he dedicated the song of the same name, a track from the band's latest album, .

the forthcoming ‘Songs of Experience.’ Social Post From @JEFFREINHART77: ' Pittsburgh = Wow. On Wednesday night at Heinz Field, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers returned on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017 to finish the job. ‘’Here we still are, here you still are,” Bono said. U2 began with a few songs that showed how the band climbed up to “The Joshua Tree,” starting with “Sunday Bloody Sunday” from 1983’s “War,” the album that put U2 on the stadium track.

’ If you were at the Pittsburgh show, tell us what it was like.

Add your own review and photos on our tour pages here. bought 6 tix for myself,gf,2 of my sons and thier gf's.

The Edge was awarded the Les Paul Spirit Award a few hours back at a tent near the "Which" Stage. Bono has been singing the "maybe the time is right" bridge for New Year's Day on this tour. I'm having difficulty locating anyone in the crowd not singing or jumping along, from the inside of the pit, to the very back of the field, to the VIP hill area. As with every performance of Exit, I remember every millisecond of it, but have zero words to describe the state I find myself in. I kept getting high fives throughout the night from random strangers, you could just tell how everyone was in great spirits. Beautiful Day is the first post-JT song on the set list.

I believe last time that was played, it was the pre-War Tour, in late 1982, early 1983. The end of Pride is a transition to the main part of the show. The massive screen behind them, showing short films by Anton Corbijn in 8K, is simply stunning, and sets the mood perfectly. If you were near me, I may have been speaking in tongues, and fighting off an exorcist. I bet this song would have made the cut for the original Joshua Tree Tour setlist.