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The 12 heroes of the book, both male and female, seem larger than life at times, but they were imperfect, just like us. Judges takes place in ancient Canaan, the Promised Land given by God to the Jews.Judges is a stern reminder that God punishes sin but is always ready to take the repentant back into his heart. Under Joshua, the Jews conquered the land with God's help, but after Joshua's death, the lack of a strong central government led to infighting among the tribes and periodic oppression by the wicked people who lived there.Students will also see that the Lord is willing to deliver His people as often as they repent of their sins. One Jewish tradition states that Samuel wrote or compiled the book.However, the book reflects the perspective of a much later time, after the northern tribes of Israel had been conquered by Assyria around 721 We do not know when the book of Judges was written, but most Bible scholars believe that Judges, along with other historical books in the Old Testament, was compiled in its current form sometime in the late seventh or early sixth century ).There was a common commitment of the tribes to the Covenant made at Sinai, And the national worship center, the Tabernacle of the Covenant, was located in Shiloh with a high priest in charge.However, Israel lacked a central government and had a lessened sense of being one nation than there had been under Moses and Joshua.The cycle of the times -- apostasy, oppression, deliverance by a judge -- was enacted many times over these two centuries.

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Filled with the Holy Spirit, these valiant men and women obeyed God—although imperfectly—to demonstrate his faithfulness and love.

The period of the Judges comprises that time between the Conquest of Canaan and Saul, Israel's first king, approximately the period between 12 BC, the close of the Late Bronze Age.

Primary weapons of the time tended to be made of bronze, but iron weapons were beginning to appear.

Archaeology tells us that ancient Israel first became a monarchy in the 10th or perhaps even the ninth century B. The views that the text expresses are also telling.

Importantly, Deborah’s song agrees on several major issues not only with the rest of Judges but also with the Former Prophets (the books of Joshua through Kings) as a whole.