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For example, the following API call to the geolocation table to update an existing dictionary item or create it if it doesn't exist: WARNING: Dictionary item deletions are permanent. If you delete a dictionary item, the entry is gone forever from all versions of your service.In an earlier post, I mentioned an interview I had with a journalist, many years ago, about all the changes we had made in a new edition of a dictionary I then edited.For a lot of people, a Dictionary app is an essential, and for whatever reason Android doesn’t come with one installed, but there’s tons of choice in the Play Store.

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An updated version of the app has just been released which brings a fresh coat of paint and some welcome new features.

The resulting article highlighted the news media’s obsession with new words.

And the lurid headline – “Dictionary says ‘bonking’ is all write” – perpetuated the notion that, by admitting a word into ‘the dictionary’, we confer some special status on it, and it becomes it becomes ‘all write’ (geddit? Well, today the Macmillan Dictionary has a new update (and as we’re online rather than in print, our readers didn’t have to wait five years for it).

The update was spotted by a Reddit user and reported on yesterday by .

Among the permissions is one that lets Dictionary.com’s app access its users’ precise location, something that isn’t sitting right with privacy-conscious users who wonder why an online dictionary needs to know where you are., a spokesperson for Dictionary.com—which is owned by IAC/Inter Active—said the permission helps enhance mapping abilities and features like location-based lookups.