Hilarie and chad dating

Of course, if a reunion were to happen, Dan would not be a part of it, as he died from his heart defect in the final season of the show.He, along with his brother, Keith, who he shockingly murdered in cold blood seasons before, walked off into the white light together, finishing their story on the series. On Sunday, Priyanka Chopra and Jeffrey Dean Morgan turned up the heat as they posed together for an official portrait at the Golden Globes.It seems we have the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to thank for this steamy photo as they picked these two hotties to present the Best Actor in a Drama TV series at the awards show!fans rejoiced at the sight of Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton together again, but they weren’t the only stars of the show in attendance at the event.

And I just wasn't into it…" I guess you just can't stay in Tree Hill forever. Sophia, if you're reading this, that girl project sounds awesome!

came out, but Chad Michael Murray is still a prince! published a poignant essay written by the actress on the very subject!

The actor dusted off Austin Ames' masquerade outfit to escort his wife Sarah Roemer to her first-ever prom — a special event held at the Children's Hospital of Orange County! Related: Sophia Bush Recalls ‘Trauma' Of Divorce From Chad! In a sneak peek of the country drama, Sam Phillips (Murray) overhears his wife Becky (Jennifer Holland) getting town gossip about him from their neighbor Nadie (Lucy Catharine Haskill), and casually crashes the chat in the buff. In fact, she even recalled what it was like to work with him after their public 2006 divorce… Related: Chad & Sarah Roemer Expecting Baby Number 2!

However, former “This is what I love—everybody always pins it on me!

They love to pin it on me, but here’s the truth: The cast has been very successful, and if you look around, they’re all doing great things, which I’m incredibly proud of.