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Planning will begin this week for next year’s event. Internal parasites better known as “worms” are a production efficiency issue with cattle and other grazing livestock.

Cattle producers address this performance problem by using de-wormers known as anthelmintics. This week begins a new school year for Culpeper County schools. Thank you to everyone who reads this corner of the paper each and every week. – Thirty high school students from across the nation, including one from Culpeper, are learning how to fluently speak Mandarin Chinese thanks to an intense summer program at the University of Mississippi.

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I believe that when prayer and praises go up, lessons come down." Activists throughout the country - including in Virginia and the Washington region - held vigils Sunday in response to the white nationalist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on Saturday that erupted into violence and resulted in the death of one counterprotester and the injury of more than a dozen. Terry Mc Auliffe, who spent Sunday morning visiting churches in Charlottesville, attended the Richmond vigil looking unusually somber.

Not only that, but he's a lefty who plays his right-handed guitar upside down.

He's going to do a concert in Afton at North Branch School, and you can join him for a potluck dinner at 6pm.

It was a quick email with a short question from a local reporter. I could not simply fire back a flippant and trivial answer when I had not processed all of what was happe…

“What are your feelings regarding the violence in Charlottesville? Every company or organization has a mission statement, or a vision statement.