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Maraczek (another outstanding business-man played by Terry Hamilton).

It is a very special shop and the manager, Georg Nowack (the incredible and adorable Alex Goodrich) we learn has been in touch with his pen-pal “dear friend” and is waiting to have that first meeting with her. They have been communicating with each other, but not having ever met or even spoken, the future becomes very comical.

DAILY REPUBLIC - Fairfield, CA Dec 12,2012 “When Irish Eyes are Flirting” by Joe Starzyk was directed by award-winning local icon Harry Diavatis and was absolutely hysterical.

It was about an older Irish man played by Daryl Roberts teaching a younger wingman, played by Erik Donovan, his secrets to attracting women.

A film version of this play was “The Shop Around The Corner” (1940) starring James Stewart, and later, another remake titled “In The Good Old Summertime” starring Judy Garland.

These are indeed names that are memorable for my generation, but not so for today’s theater audiences. This musical version, “She Loves Me” with the music and lyrics by the team that brought us “Fiddle on the Roof”, Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock and a book written by Joe Masteroff (“Cabaret”) hit Broadway in 1963 , and was later revived in 1993.

Before that was a period called ‘prehis­tory.’ Unrecorded, it was a time assumed to be far more primitive than our own. maybe some of these aren’t essential, but they do show how different life is now from 5,000 years ago.

Just one hundred years ago, few could have imagined we would now be sending robots to the surface of Mars, cloning plants and animals, and carrying around little cellular devices that enable us to instantly talk to or text some­one halfway around the world.

Calling it punch card dating (does anyone remember punch cards?

), Gene Shalit, describes at least 3 computer dating entrepreneurial endeavors (

Relevance is a prerequisite for understanding the future—without it, it is hard to conceive of where we are going.

While predicting specific technologies might be very difficult, our distant ancestors did leave us a key to compre­hending the future—at least in broad terms.