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"And then in Minneapolis, he came back to sing with us. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time anywhere in 12 days — and the first time in L. "I gotta thank the Eels for inviting me out here — the best band that any singer could want. A., then I joined this band called Journey, moved to San Francisco, and we finished it up there, and changed ' L. When he hit the high notes, he sounded like Minnie Riperton on testosterone.

Then he walked away again, and six days later, in Washington, D. I met E because of a friend of mine, Patty [Jenkins, director of a motherf—er," exulted E, who then joined Perry in a superb rendition of Sam Cooke's "Only 16," which morphed into a bit of Journey's "Open Arms." "Steve, what about trying one you haven't done in a long time? "You did that one 11 days ago." STORY Steve Perry Performs for the First Time Since 1995 in Surprise Appearance (Video) "How about this one? A.' to 'the Bay.' " Dancing like a man at least 20 years younger than his 65 years, Perry rocked out on "Lights (When the Lights Go Down in the City)," nimbly leaping over the microphone cords perilously snaked around the stage, turning his back on the audience to groove with Eels drummer Knuckles (Derek Brown), then facing the audience to hit the high trills flawlessly yet with a new rasp in his voice sounding just a bit like E himself. At a party after the show, Knuckles said, "We've been bugging him to perform for years. We'd play a Journey song, and he'd say, ' Oh, guys, I'm not gonna do that.' He's a sweet guy we're happy to play with, not just because he's Steve Perry, but also 'cause he's a buddy." "He does ' It's a Motherf—er' completely different," said E.

"When I sing it without him, I feel like I'm just, like, basically talking." "Listen, I've done the 20-year hermit thing, and it's overrated," said Perry. It's a long story, but it has to do with a lot of changes in my life, including losing my girlfriend a year ago and her wish to hear me sing again." Writer Joel Stein, who plays croquet with Perry and Eels, said, "I know she had cancer." Jon Hamm, a friend of Eels, said, "You've got to remember, Steve's in his 60s — it's a pretty impressive performance.

It was really nice to hear that voice again." "When he sang ' Only 16,' the hairs stood up on my head," said Eels guitarist and trumpet player P-Boo (Mike Sawitzke).

Patricia Lea "Patty" Jenkins is an American film director and writer. She also has hundreds of celebrities for her friends, over 1000 now! She goes by "Sham", that's not her full first name, it starts with an A: is very unique, almost exotic/foreign, but I think it's very pretty. Somewhere in these discussions someone posted that she is 37, has 2-3 kids, and lives in or near Fayetteville NC. She was also periodically with him during the FTLOSM tour- she was in Puerto Rico with him for the fan trip. I know more, have emailed my contact/source to ask how much I can reveal, last year he asked me not to with some things but she's obviously "out" now so I don't think I have to keep it seceret anymore. My family was friends with her mom and shamila and I use to hang out back in 1986ish. Once and for all, her full first name is Aashamela, she generally goes by Sham."He sounds better with a rasp, more mature and grown-up." But all the members of Eels' croquet circle urge the public to stop believing in Perry as a croquet player. "His croquet nickname was ' Hacksaw' or ' Chainsaw.' " As an Eels singer, however, Perry shows distinct promise. I saw the entry by Steve Perry on the FTLOSM cd, where he has the people named that supported him, and he has "Sham and her mama" listed there. I have heard her called Shamria, wasn't his mother's name Maria or mary, could this be a combo of 2 names, perhaps Sh for Sherrie, and Maria for his mother, with Sh-then the the m and a turned around to a and m and the last 3 letters in his mothers name of Maria to be- ria, so you get Sh-a-m-ria. I mean what a strange name, it sounds foreign or a name that is interposed between 2 separate names, as in Sherrie and Maria. There is a person there who says it is her in the photo with Steve. I'm just very happy that he has a relationship with her & his grandkids! There are photos on the web, Steve took her to the premiere of the movie "Monster", starring Charlize Theron. Read through all these Steve Perry discussions and you should be able to glean something, I don't have the site for the premiere photos on hand.