Naughtt chat

This is a saying that the British use (identified with language usage in the north of England) which might be considered by some to be a little archaic nowadays.

It tends to crop up in period pieces on TV and in old British films (movies).

And then, of course, there are the many changes to the wig(s), which take on different meanings in the context of Alicia’s story, be that via bangs, or light waves, or that godawful middle part she started with at the beginning of this season, which could only plausibly signal her return to underdog status in the legal hierarchy.

We can speculate for hours about what the wig might mean, and, actually, let’s do exactly that! When else are we going to be able to reverently discuss a woman’s fake hair for more than 75 words?

(,000 isn’t a crazy enough number for an “IMAGINE WHAT YOU COULD BUY WITH ,000”-type post, but, like, imagine what you could buy with ,000.) There have been a lot of supposed reasons for the wig.

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