Updating wordpress on godaddy

After this, the 404 error started showing up every time I tried to open the dashboard.I researched the issue and tried all the usual fixes.After all, you probably won’t want to spend an enormous amount of time to build a website using Word Press and end up starting all over again with Squarespace (or vice versa).In this review, we’ll benchmark Squarespace vs Word Press in the following 5 categories plus our conclusion: Simplistically, Word Press is an open source platform, meaning that their codes are open to everybody to use and customize.

This site runs on Word Press hosted through a Go Daddy account.

I cleared my Internet cache, I tried installing and using Fire Fox to access the dashboard, and I tried posting a new post (since the 404 error indicated that it wasn’t finding any content).

I also tried accessing the dashboard from a second computer and I got the same 404 error. The problem was simple: my Web site was working and delivering content but I couldn’t access the dashboard to add any new content or manage the site in any way shape or form.

The strange thing was that I could also access site statistics but I couldn’t get to the dashboard.

I was settling in for a long couple of days rebuilding the site and manually reloading the Word Press software, my theme, and disabling plugins.