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Liam reminded his father that Jarrett thought Sally had talent. Bill stated that they'd put a stop to Spectra and make sure the show never happened. There was no more being nice, and he wanted every piece of dirt Justin had on that rat-infested heap of dust. Justin reminded Bill that once it started, there was no going back. No one should be hurt or killed, but there could be nothing left of Spectra Fashions. Bill said it had better be someone Justin could trust.

Bill said to consider the source, who'd been known to wear kilts on occasion. Justin closed the door behind Liam, and Bill uttered that he already had another plan. Handing Bill a file, Justin said to check the date. Well, that leaves them extremely vulnerable, doesn't it? Affirming it, Justin repeated that Bill needed to be sure he wanted to do it. I want Spectra Fashions to disappear," Bill commanded.

We wanted to do this for Presidents [Day] weekend, and even if they come down pretty soon, it was a statement for the weekend.” Sandy Roche, 83, who not only had a sign in her window but also attended an anti-Trump rally, admitted that the board’s request was reasonable.

Liam entered to find out if Bill had reviewed a Hong Kong investment. Liam mentioned the Spectra showing being the next day and said it was big because it would determine whether Bill got to build on the land or not. Bill had waited long enough and had tried to be civil. Justin replied that there was only one option then, and Bill said to do it.

They discussed how strange it was that Eric had let Sheila recover at the mansion.

Ridge asked if Steffy had spoken to her brother and whether Thomas would be there for the Spectra showing.

I don’t know what do you think, does it look like me?

I am going to go make another one right now, want to be the cameraman?