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And it doesn’t matter if it is a child or an innocent animal.

Case in point is a story that was picked up by news organizations across the United States after it was reported online last Thursday, May 19, 2016. Tustin is located in Orange County, Calif., and it considered part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

There Tustin police officers found a little terrier mix dog named “Bubba” in a motel room at the Key Inn & Suites on El Camino Real around 9 a.m.

Joshua West, 40, who is Bubba’s owner, was in the room with the little dog. West was on parole at the time, and police officers found methamphetamine, heroin and used hypodermic needles in the room.

They also said they found a cup with an alcoholic beverage in her truck where her two children were and a smoking pipe in her purse.

Lamb, 41, told officers she couldn’t do a field sobriety test because she was high on meth and had taken Xanax earlier in the day, the report states.

Police said she had pleaded guilty to two previous DUIs. San Nicolas, who was among the officers arrested Thursday, was not charged Friday. They testing today,” according to the federal case.

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An arrest report states a witness called officers to say Lamb was acting out of control in a Dollar Tree and appeared to be high on drugs.

The witness followed Lamb and said she drove all over the road, peeling out and pulling a U-turn into the Carl’s Jr. The woman also told officers Lamb began dancing in the parking lot and yelling.