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I've been here for a bout 4 months and I've been getting a rude awakening on how dating here is. It definately is different and it's definately more fast paced. With so much temptation and speed with each other, how does one REALLY get to know one another? Source: To many, online dating is still that last ditch effort to escape the land of singledom, and though the stigma surrounding answering that age-old “so, how did you meet,” question has somewhat subsided, some of these dating sites are not helping the cause.I started thinking about this when I was over on Jezebel and saw someone alerted them to the ad with the guy above running in Subways in New York City.Speyer spent more than a decade running the old-school matchmaking business Field’s Exclusive Service, which he sold off 10 years ago. There was never an algorithm or matchmaking software — only the trained eye of the Field family.There were no online profiles — only the matchmakers, who interviewed clients and reviewed physical profiles at the Field’s office.

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Speyer, 48, of Yorktown Heights, often thinks about offering single New Yorkers another choice beyond Tinder and with what he considers his family’s tried-and-true matchmaking methods.

"Ona is about building a community driven by a mutual desire for better dating," says , co-founder of Ona.

"Our platform gives singles, burned out by the endless stream of dating apps, a safe haven to find each other, find love, and find success in bettering their dating lives." Visit our microsite, here, for video demo, downloadable images and background information on the Ona team.

Upon downloading Ona your sign up process, through either Linked In or Facebook is akin to other dating apps you may have tried. As a single on the platform you're always eligible to be vetted and matched for dates with singles from the pool of eligible matches from our service providers.

Users will also be offered dating advice and tips from experts as soon as they sign-up for the app.