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"I'm embarrassed to be doing this." Love hurts Many of the people at the party seems to echo the same problems.

It's not everybody's idea of romance: meeting a rapid succession of people from the opposite sex, with bare minutes to make a connection before a bell signals it's time to move on.

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There are a ton of free e Books out there, no matter what e Reader you own—Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, Sony's Reader, etc.

Furthermore, modern Japanese women are able to find well-paid careers, so their economic need for a husband is less pressing.

Or as a way of killing the silence until their awkward 30 minutes are up…Aiseki Cafe advertises itself as a place where you can “casually meet other people.” In essence that’s true, but it seems to us that the cafe’s main clientele is going to be a little more than “casual”.

After all, meeting someone here isn’t going to be like crashing into someone outside a department store on Christmas Eve, suddenly locking eyes with them as you scrabble around trying to pick up your various parcels; people are coming to this cafe in the hope of meeting that special someone.

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