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The legible prescription law requires that the prescription be legibly written or typed; that the quantity of the drug must be written in numerical and textual format; that the date of the prescription must be written in textual letters (e.g.

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Design Open, pragmatic, parallel group, factorial, randomised controlled trial. Patients 889 patients aged 3 years and over with acute respiratory tract infection, recruited between 3 March 2010 and 28 March 2012 by 53 health professionals in 25 practices.The NHS ambition is to embrace technology as part of its drive to offer modern, convenient and responsive services to patients, their families and carers. Today, the majority of GP practices already offer these services.Building on the 2015/16 agreement, practices will be encouraged to transmit prescriptions electronically using EPS Release 2, unless the patient asks for a paper prescription or the necessary legislative or technical enablers are not in place.There were modest and non-significant differences in patients very satisfied with the consultation between the randomised groups (79%, 74%, 80%, 88%, 89%, respectively; likelihood ratio test χ 2.38, P=0.667), belief in antibiotics (71%, 74%, 73%, 72%, 66%; 1.62, P=0.805), or antibiotic use (26%, 37%, 37%, 33%, 39%; 4.96, P=0.292).By contrast, most patients given immediate antibiotics used antibiotics (97%) and strongly believed in them (93%), but with no benefit for symptom severity (score 1.76) or duration (median 4 days).