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You require Direct X 9.0c and Quick Time to copy and view audio or video files.

You can use the ACDSee Device Detector when you import files stored on your camera, removable drives, scanner, or CD/DVDs and display them using ACDSee Pro.

- File modified time is now updated when embedding ACDSee metadata.

- Option to turn on or off the Tag/Rate/Label control at top of property pane.

USB removable devices are detected by your computer and are shown in the structure as a removable drive.: Cameras and scanners that use Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) drivers to communicate with the computer. ACDSee Pro automatically detects the WIA protocol.devices use TWAIN drivers that you must install on your computer to communicate with the device.

For more information about drivers, and whether or not your device uses TWAIN, please consult your device's Help file.

Chapter 3: Manage mode Manage mode is the main browsing and managing component of the user interface, and is what you see when you start ACDSee Pro using the shortcut icon on your desktop. You can also create advanced settings for import dates and RAW JPEG options if your cameral takes both file formats.

The following are the known issues identified for this version at the time of release.

Drawing Tools (Pencil, Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, Arrow, Polygon, Curve). Smart Sharpening with the edge-detection mask slider. Remove Metadata feature for direct removal of metadata without converting file format or re-encoding image data.

For more information about how your device communicates with your computer, please consult your device's Help file or manual.

Some different types of removable devices are:: Removable devices include memory cards that you can attach to your computer using a USB card reader, camera memory cards that insert directly into slots on the computer, or flash drives.