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Once the code is redeemed by a bartender, a notification in the chat thread appears, offering the consumer a free Lyft ride home.The beer brand has launched two new ads that tout the beer’s quality and simple ingredients, marking the beginning of a new marketing phase that will see Bud Light promoting itself as “America’s favorite light lager.” This follows other traditional beer brands like Miller Lite and Heineken, who have made concerted efforts to push product-focused ads amongst the growing popularity around more complex craft beers.Although Bud Light still holds the majority of the market share, they saw volume decrease by 5.8% in July and 9.4% in June, so the brand hopes these new ads will reclaim consumer love from drinkers who prefer simple, regular old beer.License: Created: Aug 30 2015 Creator: reprisalx : Send Message Access: Everyone Id: 11539574 Link: You have a more detailed explanation about it below these lines but, in case you are in a hurry to see our pages and you haven't got time just now to scan your computer looking for a possible virus, we can let you in temporarily.