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You can easily create a family group that can enjoy group text, calling and video conformance as well as shared fring OUT credit for each and every group member.

With Facebook Login for Devices, people can easily and safely log into apps and services with their Facebook account on devices with limited input or display capabilities.

After your application gets permissions, the device receives an access token which your app uses to make Graph API requests to identify the person and get information to personalize their experience with the device.

This guide describes the following: These guidelines describe how to design a clear, safe, and consistent login experience across devices and services.

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With device login, your device shows an alphanumeric code and tells people to enter it on a web page on their desktop PC or smartphone.

People using your app or service can then grant permissions.

Sign Up Slick Pic gives you total control of your privacy so you can choose exactly what and how you want to share.

First consider where in your user experience you want to ask people to log in or connect with Facebook.

For some devices this will be right away, and for others it might be later in the experience.

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