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The stories Sam shares are often heart-wrenching, but more than this, Sam’s deep love for Jesus and how he wants to share this love with those who rarely see it is truly beautiful.If you have questions along the way about loving and serving the homeless, Sam is quite active in the comments on this blog, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.So I’ve moved to Hawaii, does that mean I hit it big and rich? I moved to an Eco Village to life off grid and have a less damaging effect on the earth and heal myself.I live in Pahoa, HI in the Puna Didtrict which is the poorest part of Hawaii. But most of the people have water catchment systems on or off grid.Constantly having to move also makes it difficult to make a commitment to working with us on this blog. We thought that our volunteers should be or once have been homeless themselves.

The people on this site are not homeless - far homeless online dating sites it - they all have homes, but they also have compassion, and would like to support people less fortunate than themselves.

Sam Riviera has been loving and serving the homeless people in his area for many years.

Learn the answers to these questions and learn how to love homeless people from someone who spends large amounts of time with the homeless every week.

We get a lot that we don't post, but we do get valuable information about places and personalities in the nonprofits that say they will help the homeless.

Sadly, as the cost of living becomes more and more impossible for people to bear in Los Angeles County, our focus on this blog, we see more and more people over 50 homeless.