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Blasser Law specializes in consumer fraud issues regarding the sale of automobiles to the general public.We have experience successfully representing automobile consumers/buyers, automobile dealerships, and lenders. CHINESE RESTAURANT (Lily and Robin enter through front door) Lily: What the hell? (Lily looks around to point out to Robin where her dresser would be) Lily: That's my dresser! (Lily opens closet door) And I spilled nail polish there. (Lily and Robin look at something on carpet) (Waitress walks in from kitchen) Waitress: Hi, how many?

For example, if a buyer sells a car to to a person who then immediately gets into a car wreck and causes damage to a third party, the buyer can protect himself from any claim the third party has by maintaining proper proof of sale.Unlike new car sales, used car sales in Michigan have far fewer protections and restrictions governing the transaction.While private parties can sell their vehicles to whom they choose, buyers should be aware that private sales are conducted largely at the discretion of the parties involved.This creates the illusion the consumer does not owe anything towards the trade-in vehicle as part of the transaction.In truth, however, the actual cash value paid towards the trade-in vehicle is less than the credit or lease balance owing, and the dealership adds the difference to the cash price of the new or used vehicle the consumer is purchasing.