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As much as Fantasia is shown enjoying life only when she sings, she has it in her head that singing is her mother’s and grandmother’s dream, not hers.So she wanders aimlessly through life, getting picked on for her looks in one of the movie’s least convincing scenes.The confession was made during the divorce proceedings of Barrino's lover, Antwaun Cook and his ex-wife.

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“He wanted her to hear it from him before word got out in the press.And with Barrino playing herself, it all feels like an imitation of a life in which a girl with low self-esteem can suddenly piece together inspirational speeches after she hits the ripe old age of 19. C., where her unmarried parents Diane (Viola Davis) and Jo Jo (Kadeem Hardison) lead a gospel band.Young Fantasia (Jamia Simone Nash in the telepic’s lone unswerving perf) shows extraordinary promise as a singer, and she and her brothers join the family act.Paula was really hurt when he left her for Fantasia, so it’s like the knife that was already in her back is being twisted now.” also reports that Antwaun and Paula are set to meet in a North Carolina courthouse August 10 to sort out their accurate date of separation.Antwaun maintains the two were already separated when he started dating Fantasia, while Paula insists he cheated on her, a claim that led Fantasia to take the stand and admit to not only to having been pregnant by Antwaun, but then aborting the unborn child.