Speed dating bozeman

This included a party of eight that boarded with one person in a wheelchair because "We're all together." The flight ran on time and my checked bag had no issues. It also barely went back (which makes sense, since there's no legroom! I hadn't flown Spirit before, so was surprised by their luggage policy. I couldn't even find an outlet that worked at the gate.

Join Portland Seminary for a series of honest conversations about how we are living justice in our local communities.Check out their site for my most recent blog posts and weekly musings on everything from racing and training to the real life challenges of peeing in a onesie ski suit.I will no longer be posting here as often but will be posting regularly to the new blog, Life on the Tracks over at Then we will have the hosted discussion from pm to pm.In the vein of "cheap" justice, we will do a "speed dating" format.