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In many ways, our teen years and early 20s are about exploration—learning who we are and ultimately making some mistakes from which we can grow.

And yet, I meet so many women who are still hanging on to the "type" of guy they were attracted to eons ago.

But because I don’t want you to work too hard, I’m going to make your list for you. Then again, you probably ALSO want a man who is: Loyal Family-oriented Sexy Generous Interesting Confident Solid list, huh? And even though this guy is perfect in every other way, that’s not something you can live without. He’s an amazing guy, but he just tries so damn hard to please that you can’t even respect him. You can’t go the rest of your life without that chemical rush.

Except the list gets longer when you really think about it… In case you’re wondering, there is nothing wrong with this list. For each quality you add, there’s another justifiable reason that a man is not suited for you. After all, you’re tight with yours and you think it’s strange that he doesn’t enjoy spending time with his brothers every Thanksgiving. We can continue, of course, but I think you see the point. He wasn’t the most compelling candidate in the bunch, but he just kept asking her out.

The BFF Material Guy Ladies, don’t overlook the BFF.

This is the kind of guy that you’ve been friends with your whole life.

And ultimately, the best relationships come when we learn to be healthy, confident, and secure even while standing alone.

Generally, you should be very thorough when choosing what color to wear, as it carries a huge effect on the impression you’re going to make.

Adam Pazda, who has conducted various studies on the topic of color, says: “Red is inextricably linked with romance and sex in Western culture — think of Valentine’s Day hearts, red lipstick and even red-light districts.

Psychologists have found, in multiple studies, that whatever a woman’s intentions when she dons a red outfit, men respond.” Moreover, studies suggest that such responses are typical of both men and women.

When you're young and new to dating, a guy's cool factor or the way he looks in jeans may rank higher than how emotionally or spiritually connected you feel to him or that he brings out great qualities in you.

At this point in your life, your criteria for a mate aren't usually based on how he would be as a father, a provider and a partner.