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Chennai-based actor Laxmi Raai, who is making her Bollywood debut this year, is surprised to see stories about her relationship with cricketer MS Dhoni surfacing yet again ahead of the release of his biopic.“It’s so strange that people are unnecessarily focusing on my past.While I and Dhoni have moved on, it looks like some people are still stuck with it.It didn’t work for us, so we moved on,” adds the actor.While Dhoni’s biopic talks about one of his ex-girlfriends Priyanka Jha who died in an accident, speculations are rife that Raai’s part might also be shown in the film. Though there was an indirect approach to know the story from my side but I have not given any such consent so they cannot claim a relationship existed unless they take names in the film,” she says adding, “(Also) it’s not that he (Dhoni) has dated only me in his life.It was understood that Neeraj Pandey will bring forth about Mahi’s journey in the field of cricket but it there was lot more the fans were waiting to know and one was about his personal life – his relationship.The hint was clearly given through the song Kaun Tujhe.Bannerjee a school cricket coach asks him to join his cricket team and practice daily with him for two hours time passes and he becomes a big state level cricketer but for a long time his luck doesn't favor him to become a member of Indian Cricket team.Dhoni takes up a job in Indian Railways as a ticket checker and plays cricket for the railways after long wait of 4 years he gets selected in Indian Cricket team and turns to be one of the best cricketing captains in history of Indian Cricket.

In the final of the 2011 World Cup, Dhoni scored 91 not out off 79 balls handing India the victory for which he was awarded the Man of the Match.

Another major plus point of this film is its unusual but sweet love scenes, like the intro of Priyanka, Dhoni first love interest, then intro of Sakshi, both scenes are too good. You have to pay extra attention that he is not real Dhoni. Actors in role of his friends are also very good, like Kranti Prakash Jha as Santosh, Chittu shows his caliber in the scene when he conveys the sad news to Dhoni over phone. Music by Amaal Mallik, goes well with film but lyrically all tracks are heavy.

Sakshi talking to her roommate is also appropriate and cute, establishing and taking forward her character when Dhoni says that I knew you wouldn't come alone to meet me. Ganguly, a very fine actor, describes aspects of life to Dhoni as reference of cricket is outstanding. Editor Mr Shree Narayan Singh has delivered a fine and seamless work. He has not done this by imitating but adding fine dimension to his character so you think that if real one would be in this situation. Disha Patani as Priyanka is very endearing and acts well too. Manoj Muntanshir's lyric Like Mukhda ' Mal De Suraj Ke Munh Par Malai, Burbak Badal Par Kar De Chadhai', I liked it but Antra becomes preachy.

After all the pain he went through he did breakdown but made a strong comeback and made all of us proud.

This particular story wouldn’t have been out in limelight if this biopic wouldn’t have been made.