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The differences in TQ between YAG and Lu AG are explained by a smaller Stokes shift for the d-f emission in Lu AG (∼2300 cm−1) compared to YAG (∼2750 cm−1) derived from low temperature luminescence spectra.

She is the Executive Director of the recently established Erasmus Centre for Women and Organizations (nl/ecwo).TEM methods allow imaging materials with atomic resolution, and provide unique insight for the understanding of the structural, chemical and electrical properties of novel materials, paving the way for their applications as building blocks of next-generation nanodevices.In particular, my group will use TEM methods to investigate the fascinating properties of low-dimensional nanomaterials, such as nanowires, and of recently discovered quantum materials, such as topological insulators and nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond.Amongst its most important functions is the provision of humanitarian assistance to migrants in need, as well as facilitating solutions and international cooperation on human migration management.The annual New Year’s Reception hosted by the IOM on February 2 on the other hand.