Backdating healthcare provider contracts

Time is money, and nowhere is that as apparent as when you are working through provider credentialing.This time-consuming and painful process is required throughout the healthcare industry, yet can be a major bottleneck unless your processes are optimized.

It is your responsibility to inform Colonial Healthcare in a timely manner of any changes to your billing and insurance information, and we request your assistance in following up with your insurance company to resolve any non-payment issues.

There are some leniencies with Medicare and Medicaid, but these depend on the state in which your practice resides.

Once your application is processed and approved, our credentialing specialist will contact you with effective dates and a Provider ID#.

If an insurance company denies payment for incomplete or wrong information, you must provide us with the correct information or it is your responsibility to make payment in full.

Co-pays are due at the time of the visit and self-pay patients are required to pay for services in full prior to leaving.