Good dating ads tag line

People can still quote its first tagline—"Guinness is good for you"—even though it is 83 years old.More recently, the brewer campaigned on Facebook to set a record for the largest St Patrick’s Day party.

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Play Station: Video games at their best are about escaping from reality.

And it's pretty apparent that when he does this, he really doesn't enjoy what he's doing.

Yes, you'll notice when you watch the Sunday game, Al has to not only acknowledge sponsors by reading their names out loud, but also by reading their taglines.

In my opinion, Ask Elliman is the best slogan in the industry today. With two short words Douglas Elliman managed to distill what separates great brokerages from mediocre brokerages: Great brokerages focus on helping their clients, and mediocre brokerages focus on selling to them.

In fact, I think it might be one of the best slogans in any industry. Communicating that distinction with just two words is quite an accomplishment.