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Over two million residents and twenty arrondissements – Paris is remarkably large.

Therefore, when you go on a tour of the city, we would suggest that you do as the Parisians do and take the metro. In addition to the famous Gare du Nord, Paris has a further five stations for day trips to the Palace of Versailles or to Reims and Épernay, one of the main centres of Champagne production.

Bella Hadid bared it all to open the Alexandre Vauthier show on Tuesday during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

The 20-year-old supermodel turned heads while taking on the catwalk in a see-through turtleneck that bared her breasts.

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Then head to Paris – the city that is always ready for the next adventure; that knows how to charm you and lives up to its name. Once you arrive in Paris, you will feel this love in the form of good food, the haute couture of the Parisian catwalk and the effortlessness of the French sense of self.

In the case of the larger firms the mark also has publicity value and shows the buyer that the object was made by a long-established firm with a reputation to uphold; such clear name- marks as Minton, Wedgwood, Royal Crown Derby and Royal Worcester are typical examples.

To the collector the mark has greater importance, for not only can he trace the manufacturer of any marked object, but he can also ascertain the approximate date of manufacture and in several cases the exact year of production, particularly in the case of 19th and 20th century wares from the leading firms which employed private dating systems.

Over the weekend, she shared a picture in her underwear, covering her chest with her hands as she stares away from the camera."in Eutopia," she captioned the photo, tagging Venice, Italy.She donned the sheer shirt with an over-sized skirt that she accessorized with a leather belt, pink boots and a hat with a netted veil across her face.Bella shared a photo from the runway, expressing her excitement to open the show."Opening @alexandrevauthier tonight," she wrote. Another beautiful and powerful show..incredible designer and friend so much fun," she added a heart emoji before signing off with, "Bravo."Of course, this is far from the first time the model has freed the nipple for her job.Away from the big tourist magnets, however, there are important insider tips which represent the real beauty of this city: the Musée d’Orsay on the banks of the Seine as a must for all art lovers and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica with its unique view over the city are just two of many gems that adorn Paris.The biggest attraction is and remains the city itself.