Zachary quinto and kristen bell dating

Kristen recently sat down with to talk about all the wonderful things going on in her life: her new TV show, her bestie Zachary Quinto coming out and her upcoming wedding to the wonderful Dax Shepard.Well, actually, no wedding plans have happened quite yet.

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Obviously Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield top my list. Even though studies show that 90% of Manhattan residents are in fact brunch people.If we didn't already love Kristen Bell with all our hearts, this would do it!As it stands, now we have laser beams of love shooting out from everywhere, all aimed at that sloth-loving, nugget of pure golden sunshine!Kristen Anne Bell (born July 18, 1980) is an American actress.Although her first film role was an uncredited appearence in Polish Wedding, Bell previously acted in stage and musical productions.