Dating advice for women from sean

He doesn’t have to try any fancy lines (though he does so to hilarious effect). And so, he is impressive without trying to impress anyone.

And when a person like that enters a room, people will be impressed.

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Juliet can't get a word in edgewise as Sean gives her a less-than-arousing back massage. Yep, to Juliet's shock, she's familiar with her second date.

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And then he moves onto the next woman, never to mention the previous one again. Whether you choose to do that is your beef, holmes. Or maybe you would, I’m kind of just making things up about Sean Connery at this point.

The same self that got her thinking “I could see a situation in which I’d sleep with this guy.” The same self, whereupon the woman discovers that he’s genuinely cool, who is actually capable of getting the girl, while at the same time not caring too much if he doesn’t. Bottom line – you’d never see the best James Bond ever to appear on screen whining about how a girl didn’t have sex with him.