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Ahead of Thursday's premiere of "It Takes A Church," Grant spoke to The Christian Post about the dating show and reflected on her own experience finding "the one.""My husband and I often talk about what we are going to teach our kids, and my husband didn't even ever go on a date until he was 23 years old," the Christian singer said of Bernie Herms, her husband of almost 15 years.

"We met and became best friends, a lot of people would call it dating but it was never really romantic until a year in, and then we decided to get married."Consequent to her own experience with dating, Grant was drawn to "It Takes A Church" since the series is "so much more than a dating show.""You kinda have to call it something – so, for lack of better term, it's a matchmaking show," she said, before explaining that the new series headed to the Game Show Network offers church-going Christians the chance to meet like-minded people who could possibly turn into a spouse."There is an element of matchmaking on the show but it really is so much more than that," the singer told CP.

Finding love is something most of us think about, whether we have it currently or we are thinking about ways to achieve it either through a date academy, online forum or simply by hitting the bars.

With this in mind, it seems obvious that we would take interest in TV programmes that show people in the midst of finding someone special (or not as is often the case).

Dating Naked, VH1’s stripped down dating game show, returns June 29th but who are the brave twosome ready to bare all (as in hearts, souls, and booties) for the third season?

Meet David, 31, from Atlanta, who is looking to be consistent in his next relationship, because “consistency is really important to women so they know what they’re getting all the time.” According to the official press release, “David was raised in a strict, yet dysfunctional family.

His parents waited until he was in college to divorce, and he views this experience as an example of what not to do in a relationship.” Are David and his consistent ways ready to find his other half in the tropical setting of Bora Bora?

On the other side of the Island, we have Milwaukee resident, Natalie, 24, who is seeking a true connection and thinks with the aid of being, um, naked that she’ll be forced to open up.

Street Mate Remember the excitable Davina Mc Call running around city streets desperately trying to match up singletons?I found myself cringing and hoping that it would all STOP. She seemed somewhat normal, if a bit jaded (at such a young age! Natalie Standiford was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, but now lives in New York City."It helps to bring people together that are moving in the same direction and really aren't just about dating.They're about kind of making friendships, and either you're going to move ahead or you're not."Although Grant was initially opposed to the "dating show" and even said no at first, the "Alive" singer agreed to host "It Takes A Church" after learning more about it."It really plays on the local church, it shows community and family - every episode shows the fact that the local church is doing something in the community through community outreach programs," Grant explained.