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3) Jeris Lee Poindexter (Moving guy) Jerry's stand-up: The love seat, that's a nice little item, there... GEORGE: I got a feeling I'm gonna be much smarter than you pretty soon.

This is very flattering to the prospective customer, isn't it?

With such a long profile, it would make a smashing piece as a banquette or sectional.

The hot pink sofa is definitely the star of this Catskills getaway, with clean Scandinavian lines and a cluster of classic Nelson pendants above.

I accidentally closed my cat up in the front of the couch, not the storage area, but the small gap in the front. But it really scared me and made me think to write this little review. When you sit on the couch, the back support from the pillows is weak.

The gap that opens up when you pull out the couch is pretty big, definitely big enough for a child to easily crawl underneath. I put extra pillows in every case, and they had the necessary bulk to be comfortable.

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JERRY: Well, I'm sure that they can deliver it to your apartment.

It’s no secret that the Design*Sponge team is in love with the color pink.

Just scroll back four years, and you’ll see that Grace was professing her love for pink in this post, and now there’s a dedicated Instagram hashtag for #DSpink, which has collected over 12,000 beautiful, rosy-toned images.

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“We believe people are much more interesting than just their looks and location and that it’s the things they have in common that are more likely to keep the conversation going.