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12, MB 36] also appears frequently on releases of English harpsichord music.(note 3) Sempé’s choice of pavan/galliard pairs does not follow typical offerings, and it is especially nice to have another recording of the Kinborough Good pair [nos. 1.3 The consort works chosen by Capriccio stravangante almost run the gamut of Byrd’s career, excluding only the earliest works. 10, BE 11/10] is one of the most oft-encountered of Byrd’s instrumental works; dating from the late 1570s, it is one of the earliest compositions on this release. The fantasia is perhaps the earliest of Byrd’s works to exhibit such writing, and the Pavan/Galliard pair is probably the last consort work, being composed at about the same time as Byrd’s keyboard pieces in .(note 4) 2.1 The brochure frustrates the informed listener in its careful notation of MB numbers for the keyboard pieces but no attempt at BE numbers for the consort music. Even more troubling is the inclusion of works by Byrd, of which there are three.

Sometimes there is more than one possibility, a case in point being the Fantasia à 6 [no. With so few recordings of Byrd’s instrumental music, it is to be regretted that music by other composers occupies space on this particular recording.

While attending Marymount Manhattan, Bailey got her first television presenting job on the Nickelodeon children's show U-Pick Live in 2002 and would continue on the show until 2005.

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Sometimes this experiment works, but often it does not.

One day on a boring and sunny afternoon in the spring of 2000, instead of broadcasting their usual programming, this show premiered.

At first glace, the network's audience was wondering what the heck the show was they were watching, but then out of curiosity, they watched it anyway.

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