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To fish for cod, his cutter drags a bottom trawl through the Bornholm Basin, which is 60 to 70 meters (197 to 230 feet) deep -- in precisely the spot where tens of thousands of bombs and shells were sunk after the end of World War II.Nautical maps identify the area above the bomb cemetery as "contaminated (munitions)" or "contaminated (gas munitions)," and warn: "Anchoring and fishing are hazardous." German and Danish Baltic Sea fishermen take the risk because they can return to port with up to 10 metric tons of cod on their best days.He admits he has never had enough of transnational cooperation.

Apart from funding projects in the thematic priorities of the Programme, Interreg Baltic Sea Region will actively support teaming up of projects in wider project platforms.That translates into several thousand fish, weighing one to 10 kilograms apiece (two to 22 lbs.), and a very good catch can fetch €6,000 to €10,000 (,800 to ,000), depending on the market price.Years ago, Marquardt pulled a 500-kilo bomb onto his cutter, together with the floundering cod. Bomb disposal experts destroyed the bomb on land, in Eckernförde.If you have an interesting idea for a project that would contribute to the development of the Baltic Sea region, attend a project idea café at the BSSSC annual conference.You will receive first hand feedback on your concept, possibly meet new project partners, and check on the next call for projects in Interreg Baltic Sea Region and other funding opportunities in the region.