Who is alex jones dating

His conspiracy theory media empire Info Wars is housed in a private compound in an undisclosed location outside of Austin.

When I was writing a long piece about him last year, I called a dozen times or more over a period of weeks, only to be told by an employee that he wouldn’t be giving any press interviews in the foreseeable future.

Kelly Jones is seeking joint or full custody of three children–a 14-year-old son and nine- and 12-year-old daughters–who have been living with Alex since the pair divorced in 2015, the Austin reports.

Her team will contend that the host and Trump ally is not fit to parent the children, and will use his erratic on-air persona as evidence. The children are there, watching him broadcast.” Jones’s attorneys are arguing that he is a “performance artist,” and that his on-air persona is distinctly separate from Alex Jones the man (a variation on Terry Bollea’s surreal contention that he and his pro wrestler persona Hulk Hogan are different people, with different penis sizes, during the Gawker trial).

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Opening statements were today, and reporters on the scene relayed information in real time via Twitter.A representative for the couple told People: 'Due to conflicting family and work commitments on opposite coasts, and after much consideration, Peter and Jaimie have chosen to part ways amicably and remain good friends.The last one: It was reported in February that Alexander has split from her Twilight star fiance Facinelli due to conflicting schedules.Some say that Prince Michael of Albany has a more legitimate claim to the throne of England than the Windsors. And why are the Windsors and the mainstream media delberately ignoring him?Using legal injunctions, Dov Zakheim’s lawyers forced this website to remove an article we posted with the same title; which tells us he may have something to hide.