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[The book and this review (although briefly) has these content warnings: transmisogyny, transphobic physical assault, death/grief] I read this book in one day and it was the best decision!

Like the ghosts/people who resurface throughout the novel I have felt its presence ebb in and out of my consciousness as I go about my life for the past week.

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But its not just a novel of sadness, instead it documents times before and after the various departures of her family and friends and showcases her complicated experiences and her heartfelt anger and love.Mei does experience a transphobic physical assault [pages 66-67 if you want to skip it!] but what is evidenced in the aftermath of this is her community, especially in the form of an older Chinese trans woman named Connie, supporting and looking after her.That’s what a wet dream is – you’ve got so much man-batter in you that you ejaculate in your sleep.I can’t speak for a woman’s experience, but nature has instilled men with an insatiable urge for sexual release.