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1) In your Payza account, click "Wallet" in the left-side column.2) Select "Credit Cards".3) Locate the credit card you would like to validate and click “Re-submit documents”.4) Upload your new document.5) Review the document then click "Send" to submit it.

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The following are examples…Adding a node to the cluster; Upgrading or replacing the storage hardware; Upgrading the firmware or the driver for host bus adapters (HBAs); Updating the multipathing software or the DSM; Changing or updating any network adapter…” So how can you minimize the impact of Validating a cluster while it is in production?

When the “Validate a Configuration” wizard is launched it offers the choice to run all tests or a subset of tests.

As you may already know, the requirements for having a supported cluster have been significantly simplified since the release of Windows Server 2008.

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Once the page looks OK, you move on to the next page.

You can connect Visa and Master Card credit cards and debit cards to your Payza account.

Once you add your credit card, you can use it to add funds to your Payza account.

In fact, additional tests are executed once the cluster is in use which check that best practices are being followed for the highly-available workloads.

However, according to the , the “Validate test should also be run whenever a major component of the cluster is changed or updated.