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Two years ago, Frankie Boyle – of Mock the Week fame – was the comic turn.

He was soon in full flow with tried and trusted observations of life in Scotland, such as when he observed a drunk man in Bathgate walk up to a house, piddle on the door, then fish out his keys and let himself in. Mind you, Mac Donald's appearance at the awards split the audience by age – not into those who appreciated her music and those who didn't, but into those who knew who she was and those who didn't.

We’ve been on tour for six or seven weeks and this is the penultimate show – so just one more to go.

Unsere Lieblingsschottin ist mit voller Power zurück, mit neuen Songs im gewohnt poppigen Folksound und dieser ganz besonderen Stimme mit dem reizenden Glasgow-Akzent.Amy underlined the reality of life on the road as she spoke to the Evening Express, to promote her Aberdeen show, from inside a cramped, wee box room.Amy, who headlines the Beach Ballroom next Thursday, said: “Being on tour is not as glamorous as people think.Probably both Amy and her usually-adoring crowd are equally to blame for a night that failed to catch fire.Early on, Amy – now no longer the precocious teen Scottish songstress but a feisty tattoo-sleeved rock chick – had touched on the challenges of slogging through to the end of a tour. "Good evening, Inverness, it’s a pleasure to be here tonight.