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A normal friend has likely gone camping at least a couple of times in their life.

A New Hampshire friend spends a good chunk of their summer camping deep in the woods of the White Mountain National Forest.

"Oh, I don't know," Eve would say, a sly grin forming on her round face, her lip piercing clicking against the bottom row of her teeth. Running away from a home where the disintegration of her parents' marriage – her mother worked for Homeland Security, her father as a project manager in construction – had created an environment more toxic than nurturing.

"I guess they remind me of me." See how America lost the war on drugs Away from the stables, she attracted the attention of adults in other ways. In 2004, when Eve was 12, she discovered what seemed an easier way to rein in a mind that felt hard-wired to pinball from one extreme to the other.

ve Rivait rode her first horse when she was five, too small to get her feet through the stirrups, let alone give the animal a kick that registered.

A normal friend tells you about their friend’s friend’s uncle’s cousin who makes moonshine.A normal friend balks at the idea of waiting an hour for pancakes.A New Hampshire friend insists on waiting longer so as to have more time to wander around the Sugar House and the shop at Parker’s Maple Barn.A New Hampshire friend lets you try the moonshine they helped their dad make in the basement of their house.A normal friend pretends to know what’s going on in politics for the sake of polite adult conversation.